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Ding Guang Hua HK Technology 
Co. Limited  
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Huaqiang North Road Futian 
District Shenzhen 518000 Guangdong China 
Tel : 0755-83997259     
Fax :  0755-83997259  
Contact:Manager Mr Li     
Mob : 13538088855   
Email : ice@hk-dgh.com


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    Ding Guang Hua HK Technology Co. Limited, the main battery, lithium battery, Israel, Saft, Panasonic, maxell, Toshiba, Fuji, Sanyo, Mitsubishi, Varta, mobile phone backup battery.Companies adhering to the "customer first, forge ahead" business philosophy, adhere to the "customers first" principle to provide our clients with quality services.Welcome patrons!Mainland China total sales of all brands of lithium battery a new stock Ding Guang Hua HK Technology Co. Limited is a collection development, sales, service in a body specialized battery supplier.The company mainly engaged in various kinds of disposable lithium batteries (lithium thionyl chloride Li-SOCl2, Li-MnO2, Li/SO2 lithium manganese dioxide lithium sulfur dioxide (Ni-cd) as well as various rechargeable nickel-cadmium, nickel-metal hydride, lithium ion Li-ion, Ni-MH lithium iron phosphate LiFePO4) battery products manufacturing and sales at the same time, the company has for many years been associated with the world each big brand battery manufacturers and friendly cooperation, professional provide all kinds of imported (button type, cylindrical type lithium battery products): 3V, 3.3V 6V, 3V 3.3V lithium manganese dioxide battery rechargeable lithium ion batteries 3.6V lithium thionyl chloride battery argon, product main applications include communication, automobile, petroleum, chemical, transportation, machinery, electronics, electrical, instrumentation, instrumentation, security, home appliances and other industries.Most of these imported batteries are mainly used in a variety of domestic and foreign brands PLC, CNC, CPU, motherboard, Mitsubishi (MITSUBISHI) and Fanaco (FANUC) in a variety of CNC machine tools and industrial remote control device and system

Panasonic/BR-c  BR-A  BR-AG  BR2/3A  BR2/3AG  BR-CCF2TH  BR-AGCF2W  BR2/3AGCT4A            MlTSUBlSHl/ER17330V=A6BAT  ER17330V=MR-BAT  CR17335SE-R=Q6BAT              *TADIRAN/IsraelD model TL5930  C modelTL5920  c modelTL2200  AATL5903  2/3AATL4955  1/2AATL5902  TL2450  TL5186             TOSHlBAER17500V  ER6V ER17330V  ER4V  ER3V           SAFT LS33600  LS26500  LS17500  LS14500  LS14250           SANYOCR26500SE  CR17450SE  CR17335SE  CR14250SE  CR17450E-R  CR1335E-R  CR17450SE-R CR17335SE-R  CR17335           maxell/ER17/50  ER6C  ER6B  ER17/33  ER3S  ER10-28        VARTACR-AA  CR2/3A  CR2/3AA  CR1/2AA        FUJlCR8.L  CR8.LHC  CR6.L  CR2/3 8.L  CR1/2 6.L                SII/MS621FE-FL11E  MS614F-FL28E MS614-FL29E  MS414F-FL26E  MS412F-FL26E  XH414H-IV01E  XH414H-II06E XH311HG-II45E  XH311HG-IV07E  HB414-IV01E  HB414-II06E  Shoei/PAS621R-S-VA5RT  PAS414HR-VG1  PAS414HR-VA5R  PAS414HR-VE5R  PAS414HR-VA5 PAS414R-VG1  PAS414R-VA5R  PAS414R-VE5R  PAS414R-VA5  PAS311HR-VA5R  PAS311HR-VA6R


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